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Ascea is an ancient village of Middle Ages origin. It is situated on a hill from which it dominated the coast, where there is the hamlet called Ascea Marina. Marina di Ascea is more famous than Ascea: tourists love it for its sea and thanks to the presence of the excavations in Velia, one of the most important towns of Magna Graecia. The beaches of Marina di Ascea are long and wide. On a rock, there are the remains of an ancient tower: this rock divides the beach into two parts; one is sandy and goes toward Casal Velino; the other is rocky and goes towards Pisciotta. The coast is variegated and it is made of rocks, caves, hidden beaches, and creeks. You can reach the most beautiful beaches by boat, fro example the ones of Baia d’Argento and Baia della Rondinella.
In Marina di Ascea there are the remains of the ancient town of Elea (later called Velia by Romans): this was a colony founded by Greeks around 540 b. C. This was the seat of the important pre-Socratic philosophy school, whose main leader was Parmenides.
In Ascea there is an interesting sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady: along the road towards the sanctuary there are several beautiful icons. Each of them represents a moment of the Passion of Jesus Christ.
During the summer there are interesting theatre performances of Greek classical theatre in the excavations and in the theatre Parmenides..

Il nido Country House - Casal Velino -Cilento (SA)
The Nido Residence-Country House, rises at dead of a land rich in culture and in an un contaminated nature, where you can spend a very pleasant holiday. It' s the right point to visit the places more picturesque in the south coast of Campania. Historical and valuable itineraries to visit are not far away from... (go to the web site)

Marina di Ascea is on the coast of National Park of Cilento. It is 42 Km from Paestum with its excavations and the beautiful temples; 36 km from Agropoli; 12 km from the picturesque village of Pisciotta; 18 km from Acciaroli; 43 km from Castellabate; 22 kn from the beautiful caves of Palinuro; 33 km from Marina di Camerota; 60 km from Sapri; 77 km from Maratea. The famous excavations of Pompeii are 125 km from Ascea and Amalfi Coast is 100 km far.


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